Alejandro Leonhardt

10 September - 07 November, 2015


L21 Gallery Madrid is delighted to present Possibility for Denial, a solo exhibition by Alejandro Leonhardt (Chile, 1985).

This project uses the denial in order to favor the appearance, both unexpected and absurd, of new associative possibilities. A body supports another body which doesn’t need to be supported. The artist discloses some of his concerns when he writes: “encoding / humans / among objects / the world is upside down / bod- ies support other bodies which doesn’t support themselves / bodies enable that / the order of needed / would become as arbitrary / as whims we have got”.

Leonhardt focus his attention on the basic characteristics of the found objects; through a semantic shift, he rescues them of their functional burden to transmit an ironic abstraction and, thus, he provides to the viewer all the beauty of the useless. The artist operates in this limbo that separates conventional from the possible, the everyday reality from the fantasy. Leonhardt’s works propose a journey towards the most absolute unpredictability and a joyful absurdity of known. A place where the possibility deals with the mainstream.

Alejandro Leonhardt will participate in September 2015 in the residence + Flora Ars Natura (Bogota) curated by José Roca and in 2016 in Visione Future (Basil- icata) curated by Lorenzo Benedetti. His recent exhibitions includes: Storefront Ten Eyck (New York), Slint-Hilarius Church (Mullem), ARCO (Madrid), Museo La ENE (Buenos Aires), Tajamar Gallery (Santiago de Chile), EAC (Montevideo), NADA NY, L 21 (Palma de Mallorca), Armada Gallery, Local 2702, Sala AM Uni- versidad Mayor, X Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios, CEAC, YONO Gallery, ANIMAL Gallery (Santiago de Chile), LaAgencia (Bogotá), Blow! 7 (Ilsede), In- terakcje (Piotrkow Trybunalski).