Rafa Forteza
18 May - 01 September, 2016

“A las 14:00 en casa” (At 2PM at home) is the most intimate exhibition we have ever done. All a challenge. The intention of this project is no other one than to push the limits of the gallery space. Following the path of the exhibition cycle “The Apartment”, here we go one step further. 

If the gallery can be transformed into an apartemnt, why not transform an apartment in a gallery? The domestic environment conditions the exhibition format and allows the visualization of the works in a different context. To exhibit in a house not only conditions the way on how you see the works, but also it increments the time you have to observe them and interact with them in meaning. We’ve always had the intention of creating a space not only for the exhibition of artworks but also to allow debate, discussion and talk about them. “A las 14h en casa” gathers the ideal conditions to create little debate forums around the creation of an artist, in this case, Rafa Forteza.