ARCOmadrid 2020
Dasha Shishkin, Fabio Viscogliosi, Stevie Dix, Joshua Abelow, Szabolcs Bozó, Richard Woods, Vojtěch Kovařík, Richie Culver, Erika Hock, Rafa Forteza, Valerie Krause, Ian Waelder
26 February - 01 March, 2020

L21 at ARCOmadrid 2020. General view.

Richard Woods

L21 at ARCOmadrid 2020. General view.

Wall: Fabio Viscogliosi and Valerie Krause
Floor: Ian Waelder

L21 at ARCOmadrid 2020. General view.

Fabio Viscogliosi

L21 at ARCOmadrid 2020. General view.

Table with books by Ian Waelder

Table with books by Valerie Krause, Richard Woods, Ian Waelder, Erika Hock, Rafa Forteza and Joshua Abelow

Dasha Shishkin and Joshua Abelow

Joshua Abelow, Erika Hock, Richard Woods and Ian Waelder

Erika Hock and Richard Woods

L21 at ARCOmadrid 2020. General view.

Ian Waelder and Vojtěch Kovařík

Dasha Shishkin, Vojtěch Kovařík and Stevie Dix

Rafa Forteza

Rafa Forteza, Stevie Dix, Dasha Shishkin

Vojtěch Kovařík, Stevie Dix, Ian Waelder

Stevie Dix on the wall and vitrine sculpture by Ian Waelder

Szabolcs Bozó on top of Richard Woods intervention

L21 at ARCOmadrid 2020. General view.

Richie Culver, wall intervention by Richard Woods, Szabolcs Bozó

As in previous editions of the fair, this year we are packing our bags and moving temporarily to the L21Gallery booth at ARCO Madrid 2020.


On this occasion it takes the form of a house to which we invite artists represented by the gallery, such as Fabio Viscogliosi, Dasha Shishkin, Szabolcs Bozó, Ian Waelder, Rafa Forteza, Stevie Dix, Valerie Krause and Richard Woods; and collaborating artists such as Erika Hock, Joshua Abelow and Vojtěch Kovařík and Richie Culver.


The brick façade, which is a site-specific intervention by Richard Woods, shows the doors and windows of the same artist, which provide a fictitious access to the house, together with large format paintings by Szabolcs Bozó. Once inside, the mouldings installed on the walls bring us into a domestic environment in which the works by Fabio Viscogliosi, Dasha Shihskin, Joshua Abelow, Erika Hock, Valerie Krause and Vojtěch Kovařík cohabit.


Near the small library, in which there is a selection of publications and books by the artists on display, are the two vitrine sculptures and the photographs by Ian Waelder. Finally, in one of the rooms of the house, it is possible to find the sculptures by the Majorcan artist Rafa Forteza, together with a series of recent paintings by Stevie Dix, exhibited for the first time in the context of the fair.


© Photos by Roberto Ruiz.