Bel Fullana
04 February - 01 April, 2016

L21 presents the solo show Rosa Dulce by Bel Fullana (Mallorca, 1985). For this project, the exhibition space has been painted in the color rosa dulce (sweet pink) and it has been transformed into a domestic space: a now living room with furniture of multiple colors, simulating a rainbow, one of the symbols used by the artist. Talking about the Fullana’s work is talking about Fullana. In her paintings, the artist reflects her world, her desires, her fears. The artist observes the world with the eyes of a little girl, and her works reflect that childish vision. Childhood is marked by learning: learning to talk, to count… Bel Fullana doesn’t want to leave childhood behind, and that’s why she tries to experiment with everything as a girl does. A girl who still has a lot of things to learn. For that reason, once a week, the artist will show up at the gallery and will receive lessons about many things. Like learning to make pastries with her mom, to play the flute or dance ballet. Bel constantly looks for the capacity to surprise herself, and there’s when she surprises the others.