Michael Swaney
10 March - 27 June, 2015

L21 gallery Palma presents the solo exhibition “Sculptures & Groceries” by Mike Swaney (Canada, 1978) in its space THE ENVELOPE.


He has produced a series of clay sculptures for this show which have been left to dry in the open air and later painted with oil and varnished. In this way, he gives the pieces a shine which look like a porcelain finish. The artist uses food boxes – a common everyday object – as a base in order to bring the spectator as close as possible to his work and consider it something closely related. Mike Swaney constantly takes photographs of everything which he considers exist on the marginal side of society.


He photographs second-hand shops, murals, shop windows and botched jobs and he also collects objects he finds in second-hand shops which appeal to him. This way he has a photographic archive and a collection of personal kitsch objects which inspire him to create his own pieces or tributes to what he calls marginal art. In his work, he also makes references to all those creators: children, pensioners, house- wives etc., who made many of the original objects on which he bases his sculptures.


Therefore he rescues and gives an important role to a series of objects which are nor- mally not considered important at all and which are usually looked down upon. Swaney ́s pieces make us think about everyday life and the present rituals and customs from an ironic and absurd point of view. His work moves between archaeology and anthro- pology and the result is a reflexion of contemporary society.