Pep Vidal
01 February - 29 March, 2014

Louis 21 is proud to present Beyond, a specific project by Pep Vidal, created for the space THE WINDOW.

Pep Vidal (Rubí, 1980) works with concepts related to infinitesimal changes: those small changes that are constantly occurring everywhere. The chain of imperceptible shifts that are continuously taking place is infinite and extremely chaotic. A change stops being infinitesimal just when it starts becoming visible, when a substantial variation has been verified. At that moment, the system is radically modified or it even disappears.

For the space THE WINDOW of the gallery Louis 21, the artist proposes Beyond, an installation which consists in a partially isolated system. From the street the viewer observes, at first sight, a window bloc- ked with a black paint and, then, as you get closer, a small light emerges from a not very big hole. When looking inside, one discovers a marine microcosm, an unknown and partially hidden place.

It seems that, behind the window, there is a world of water where strange elements coexist. Regardless of the reactions of the viewers, this system remains oblivious to almost any external influence. From the hole we observe what happens inside the window, a system composed by several elements, both biological and artificial, that interact with each other. The vision of the spectator becomes uncertain; for the distance created and the density of the water, everything ends up being confusing.

Pep Vidal incorporates elements that, even if they escape our sight, they have a substantial influence over the environmental conditions that will be constantly changing throughout the exhibition. As in the case of the infinitesimal changes, not only what is visible produces a variation. Within this marine sys- tem we can find, amongst other strange elements, some Artemia salina (a species of brine shrimp) that move within a scenery close to science fiction. These prehistoric animals have almost not evolved since their appearance; they have difficulties adapting to new environments and, for this reason, they live in almost closed systems where there is no possibility of interaction of individuals between systems and end up suffering from endemism.

Beyond brings us something that turns out to be at a different distance that we first thought, where the harmonic swim of primitive beings draws random silhouettes amongst unsettling elements, difficult to recognise. Finally, this installation by Pep Vidal reveals a universe where changes are always happe-ning. Tiny slips that, gradually, lead us to a stage of daydreaming.