Gremi de Ferrers 25
Polígono Son Castelló
07009 Palma
Islas Baleares, España

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Metro: UIB M1
Bus: EMT L10, L11
Entrance via left driveway,

5th gate on your right

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday

9h – 15h

and by appointment

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In 2012 Oscar Florit opened the space ‘Louis 21′ in Palma de Mallorca with the objective of representing emerging artists. Our project consists in creating new exhibition and collaborative formats, fomenting the interaction between artists, galleries and our audience.


Actively involved in the production of artworks, solo exhibitions and curated projects, the gallery’s intentions are to boost artists onto the national and international contemporary art stage. Our gallery supports investigation and experimentation with a program open to collaboration and site specific projects, aspiring to create new synergies between artists, collectors, curators and public.


In April 2013, L21 opened a new space in Madrid with the same spirit and strategy but geared towards a wider and differentiated public and critique. Additionally, along with gallery space L21 initiated a mini project: ‘The Window’ – a street facing white cube that invited 24/7, day and night viewing uninterruptedly, even from the exterior, without the necessity to enter the gallery and just by strolling down Doctor Fourquet Street.


After three years of projects in Madrid, L21 closed its space to focus on their new space in Mallorca, which moved to a 450 square meter warehouse in the Industrial Park Son Castelló in Palma, 15 minutes from the center. Here we can host larger exhibitions and continue to play with the format, inviting major architectural interventions and large sculptural works. The gallery is divided into two different exhibition rooms, a residency studio apartment and an upper floor showroom and kitchen.


Óscar Florit



Esmeralda Gómez



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Arturo Ruiz-Tagle



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L21 offers internships throughout the year for people based in Mallorca.
Please send your CV and cover letter to:


The gallery does not accept unsolicited artist submissions.