Arranged by L21 at Bacelos Gallery in Madrid, with Bel Fullana and Ian Waelder
16 April - 30 May, 2016

Original floorplan

Ian Waelder


Stereo track, 1:10 mins in loop

Painting by Bel Fullana

“Dear leg” text piece by Ian Waelder

Painting by Bel Fullana

Laser prints by Ian Waelder

Drawings by Bel Fullana

Laser prints by Ian Waelder next to drawings by Bel Fullana

“DEAR LEG,” is an exhibition that was the result of the process of planning an exhibition, an spontaneous exercise.

Ian and I arrived to Bacelos in Madrid with a floorplan already sketched, knowing where each work by him and Bel would be hanged and even the text of the show was already written.

Once there and when we were taking the works out of the crates, Ian started to draw each work in a piece of paper and sticked it with tape in each wall where the original work would go, so we could get a better idea of the installation.

In one moment, Ian said “Hey Óscar why don’t we leave it like this?”. We started laughing but then I replied with a “Yes, it looks amazing, let’s do it”. A few hours ago at the plane we where talking about why should we do another exhibition out of the thousands of shows that are opening around the world every week. What’s the point of it? Arriving to a space, hanging a few works with a title and a context that gives a relation between them. We were starting to get a bit tired of this.

So in the end, we agreed to have fun and leave the space as it was, with the drawings of all the works taped to the walls while Ian’s once minute sound piece “ALL THE TIMES I’VE FALLEN SINCE 2008 (FUCK OFF, MARTIN CREED, 2016” was playing loudly in loop. This piece reproduces all the times Ian has fallen trying to perform a trick with his skateboard since his friends started to film him, mixed with the song “Fuck Off” by Martin Creed. 

And what did we do with the works that were supposed to be part of the show? We installed all of them in a little space that was intended to be a closet for the gallery. You could only see them if you took your time to look through the show, following the paper works in the wall and then realizing about that somehow hidden spot.

In the opening it rained, people didn’t understand much about what we did, so we ordered pizza.

We had a great time.